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Tips for Making the Perfect Mixed Drinks

There are numerous factors that go into mixing the perfect drink. We’ve all seen bartenders perform cool tricks that somehow end with you holding a beautiful and tasty cocktail. What you don’t see is that there is more to the magical concoction in your hand than just randomly pouring ingredients and hoping for the best. Mixing drinks is a science, but it is easily learned. 

Make Sure Your Tools are Clean

Nothing can sabotage your efforts at making a great mixed cocktail like not having clean utensils. When having a good time or being busy from entertaining, it can be easy to forget to wash things before every use. There are so many different ingredients in mixed drinks that forgetting to wash out the mixer can completely ruin the outcome of the new drink you’re making. Utensils like muddlers carry the flavors that are squeezed out, so it is essential that you wash these after every use to ensure you’re not adding those tastes to the new drink. Additionally, while alcohol helps to fight off bacteria growth that creates bad tastes and smells, the other ingredients you’re mixing with do not. 

Be Mindful of Your Measurements

Each mixed drink is a unique flavor experience of its own. It’s an art, much like cooking. You take a bunch of ingredients that have different tastes and aromas and combine them to create something new. However, using too much or too little can drastically alter the result. When making a specific drink recipe, it’s important to watch your measurements. Not being aware of how much you’re adding of each ingredient can turn your yummy cocktail into something to cringe at. 

Make the Extra Effort

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s one of the most essential necessities to making a top-notch mixed drink. If something calls for strawberries, there are many people and establishments that will choose a syrup over the real thing. Both create acceptable cocktails, but using fresh ingredients creates a result that you’ll want to savor. There are also many who believe that garnishes aren’t necessary and are just added fluff for aesthetic purposes. However, they are usually added to compliment the drink much like a side dish to a main course. As for the aesthetic purpose, there’s a reason that chefs and restaurants make your food look pretty before it hits your table. Appearances matter. Make the extra effort and your guests are sure to thank you. 

It’s All in the Shake

A good rule of thumb for bartenders is that you should always shake the shaker bottle parallel to the bar. This ensures that if something were to go awry, like the cap of the mixer comes off, the contents won’t go everywhere. Also, when shaking, you want to do so vigorously with a lot of muscle and effort. The shaker not only combines the ingredients together, but also chills the drink. Shaking hard and fast guarantees that you are breaking down the ice to make the drink as cold as possible to deliver a supreme cocktail. 

Enjoy your drink where ever life takes you in a Tervis tumbler or wine glass.