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Tiki Bar Essentials

Maybe you can’t go away on a tropical vacation, but you can create your own little island paradise with a few tiki bar essentials. There’s more to a great tiki bar than tropical drinks, but when your work is done a few sips of your Mai Tai will bring the tropics to your tongue. 

A tiki bar is a wonderful way to enjoy summer nights under the stars in your backyard. You can design your tiki bar to look like a hut with a thatch roof and some bamboo chairs, stools, or benches. Here are some other essentials: 

  1. Lighting: Remember to set the mood with the right lighting. Torch lights, string lights, or lanterns are a nice touch. Then there’s the music. Set up a playlist that features the sounds of the ocean or some authentic topical instrumentals.

  2. Drinks: You might consider serving drinks in freshly scooped out pineapples, coconuts, or watermelons. Your drink menu could include a Mai Tai, a Blue Hawaiian, a Nui Nui, a Lapu Lapu, and a frozen Hurricane. Garnish with your favorite fruits, a paper umbrella, and a bamboo straw.

  3. Food: When it’s time to eat, serve something that fits the theme. You can’t go wrong with a Hawaiian pizza. Other options include fruit salads, pineapple chicken, kebabs, coconut shrimp, lobster, or salmon served with rice and a nice mango salsa.

Don't forget other tiki bar essentials including a shaker for pouring drinks and Hawaiian themed tumblers for drinks.