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A Sparkling Holiday Punch Recipe to Ring In a Shiny New Year

Let the countdown begin.

Sure, we’re still a few days out and a lot of us are still recovering from a house full of friends and relatives, two months of Christmas carols on the radio, unbelievable sales and an even more incredible Christmas dinner.

But New Year’s Eve is Monday. 

And this one is going to sparkle. And shine. And dazzle.

Just like our new Shimmer Collection!

But before the celebration, you know what you have to do.  Out with the old. Break the habits. Make new commitments. Maintain all the great achievements you made this year. Sure, it’s easier to type than do, but it has to start somewhere. And putting it on paper, or in your phone with daily reminders is a great place to start.

And now it’s time to celebrate the new you and say goodbye to 2018. 

In the past, we have provided fall punch recipes, holiday alcoholic punch recipes and even a Thanksgiving punch recipe or two. So, keeping in that tradition, and just in time for New Year’s Eve, we’re going to give you a sparkling purple punch perfect for cheers, new beginnings and a round of “Auld Lang Syne.” Ladies and gentlemen, raise your tumblers at this coming year’s welcome celebration with:

Purple Party Punch

8 oz Chambord
8 oz Cranberry juice (chilled)
2 cold bottles (750mL) Brut Champagne (chilled)
Raspberries and blackberries

Garnish with raspberries or blackberries.
Serve (in dazzling Tervis tumblers) in time to ring in 2019.

And please remember to celebrate responsibly.  But, if by chance, you overdue it a bit, call a ride share service. Or a cab (just think of it as being chauffeured around town in a yellow limo).

Happy New Year!