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Six Home Bar Ideas that Make Entertaining Fun

Home Bar Ideas

Many home bars are featured in basements. However, you can add bars just about anywhere in the house. Basement renovations often feature bars because of the privacy – people can unwind in a type of enclave within the home environment. Use the following home bar ideas to give you the needed inspiration to design and outfit your own bar at home. 

1. The Home Bar Layout

When considering home bar ideas, you first want to consider the layout. The traditional design is usually L-shaped or straight. However, to make the bar friendlier, you may want to consider a design that displays 45-degree angles, positioned at each corner. If your space allows for an L-shaped bar, it will permit you to build this type of bar too.

2. Bars that Feature Two Tiers

Speaking of space, you may want to consider a two-tier type bar – one that is designed for both drinking and eating. This versatile bar makes it possible for you to add a snack buffet when serving beverages or libations. If you do not think a traditional bar will provide you with enough space for both food and drinks, you may want to consider adding a two-level bar. This type of bar showcases two services – one that is set at a regular table height and another one that is designed as a standing bar.

3. Lighting Ideas

When designing a bar, you also need to consider the lighting. While most people like recessed lights, because of their ambiance, you may want to consider traditional pendant lights as well. Add about three pendant lights at the center above your home bar. Just make sure they are high enough so they do not hit anyone in the head. Make a selection for lower watt bulbs or soft lighting to give your bar a pub-type feeling.

When installing the lighting, make sure you add under-cabinet lighting and task lighting in the drink preparation area. Using LED lights allows you to install lights in various areas and switch them out or alter the light color to give the space a certain mood.

4. Counter Materials

Make sure the surface for your bar is as durable as it is beautiful. While marble or granite slabs may cost somewhat more, they will look impressive and last for decades. If you are going for a traditional bar look, you may want to consider beautifully grained and darker toned wood. If your preference is modern or experimental, a butcher block surface, glass, or stainless steel surface is always popular. Veer clear of surfaces that easily scratch or crack over time.

5. Keep Your Bar Well Stocked

The bar in your home should always be well stocked. In other words, it should feature all the ingredients you need for making various libations. Keep a bar recipe book handy to try out different concoctions. However, you cannot have a recipe book without the ingredients. Well-stocked bars come with ingredients, such as simple syrup, bitters, soda water, triple sec, vermouth, and rum. Keep a variety of glassware on hand as well as tumblers and bar-related gadgets.

6. Add an Icemaker

One of the home bar ideas that should never be overlooked is the inclusion of an icemaker. Icemakers are not only economical, they are simple to use and keep you from running to and fro with an ice bucket. An icemaker makes serving ice-friendly drinks a convenient and painless undertaking.

Have everything ready to make classic drinks including a shaker, wine glasses, and tumblers.