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Basement Bars – Nine Ways to Make the Most of Your Entertainment Area

Basement Bars

For people who like to entertain and serve drinks, or enjoy hosting gatherings, basement bars in homes lend privacy and charm. If your basement bar is designed to look traditional, you can create a pub-like ambience within your home environment. 

While basements are normally thought of as somber, cave-like spaces, you can turn your basement into a whole new space when you add a bar for entertaining. You just need to use a bit of strategy and self-expression to enliven the basement space. The following ideas add sparkle and interest to basement bars and basement areas that are designed for friend-and-family gatherings.

1. Attach a Wall Bottle Opener

Customized wall bottle openers add some flair to basement bars. You can either buy the opener or make one yourself. To customize the opener, sand and stain a small board made of pine and include a customized greeting or message. Affix a bottle opener to the board.

2. Install White Subway Tiles for the Bar’s Backdrop

The use of white subway tile on the wall behind the bar adds distinction to the design. Adding colorful bottles will give the bar a lively and friendly look and appeal. Add an industrial look with steel bar chairs set against a warm wood bar tone.

3. Add Customized Pullout Doors

Keep you bar organized by adding pull-out doors in the cabinets beneath the bar. This well laid out design enables you to hold bottles of liquor upright. Adjustable dividers in the drawers are included to keep the bars from tipping over. 

4. Include Booth-style Seats

If you want to give your basement bar a traditional pub-like feel, you may want to consider adding booth seating. Add a free-standing fireplace to give the bar a warm and cozy look and feel.

5. Enhance the Looks of a Corner Bar with a Dark Plank Countertop

If your basement is not large enough to accommodate a longer or bigger bar, you can still add a small bar. Use a dark countertop made of planks over basic white cabinets. Doing so will lend an exclusive and luxurious appearance. Feature wine bottles on one side (toward the corner) and add floral accents or a fruit display on the other side.

6. Give Your Basement Bar a Kitchen-like Look

One way to add extra hominess to a basement bar is to give it a kitchen-like look. Add a longer cabinet and open shelving that is invitingly home-like. Add chalkboard paint behind the cabinetry to personalize the look.

7. Add an Arcade 

A basement bar and arcade lights up your space and makes it fun. Instead of a once-gloomy cave-like space, your basement is transformed into a fun entertainment venue.

8. Enhance the Cave-like Feel

A basement is located underground – just like a cave. Therefore, give your basement bar cave-like appeal by adding a painted brick backdrop and a rustic wood bar, stools, and cabinetry.

9. Include One-of-a-Kind Lights

For a more modern look, make the bar and its lighting the focal point of the whole space. Add a stainless steel island and cabinets that are backlit behind clear Plexiglas for effect.

Keep your bar ready to make drinks. Have Tervis shakers, wine glasses, and tumblers.